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Justin Gullage

Justin Gullage
Project Title: 
Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on Cranberry Propagation
Program Year: 
Giverson Mupambi

For this project two PGR’s, indole-butyric-acid/cytokinin and gibberellic acid 3 (GA), were used in a test to find a new method to increase efficiency in the cultivation and rooting of cranberry plugs in a greenhouse. The goal of this experiment is to end up with well developed plugs that are runners. Runners are distinguished from uprights by the shape and size of the vine. The experiment was laid out with multiple black trays with two rows of six planted with a space in between every two rows. The five treatments of the two variations which we evaluated for the first experiment (gibberellic acid-3 and cytokinin) on the black trays were applied as foliar sprays ( 0.25% (v/v) non-ionic surfactant SILWET L-77); an untreated control, 200 and 400 ppm GA applied once (X1) at bud break, and 200 and 400 ppm GA applied twice (X2) at bud break plus 2 weeks after bud break. The results of the first experiment are still preliminary, however the goal is to improve the above-ground growth of plugs. The second experiment was meant to come up with a way to improve and increase root production and efficiency of the plugs. There were eleven treatments total evaluated for both the Haines and Mullica Queen variations. The indole butyric acid/GA and cytokinin at 1 and 2 oz per gallon were applied as a combination of soaking method, foliar spray at 200 and 400 ppm solutions, basal dip method, total immersion, and long soak method all at the same ppm solutions as the spray.