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Ryan Morano

Ryan Morano
Project Title: 
Salt Marsh Working Group Project Viewer
Program Year: 
Environmental Science
Katherine Kahl

While working with Katherine Kahl this past summer, I updated a survey and corresponding project map for the Salt Marsh Working Group. The Salt Marsh Working Group consists of around 90 managers and project leads, ranging from Rhode Island to Maine. Since the working group was so large, it was essential for Katherine and me to get input from the members before creating an updated survey. It was important that we created an interface that would be useful for members of the group, along with universities and policy makers. The interactive map that was created shows the different survey points and all of the information for the particular project. This allows for people to collaborate with each other and see all of the planned, ongoing, or completed projects. We are now working on updating the responses with new information and working on editing the survey to allow responses to be edited over time.

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