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Let’s Make Agriculture Thrive in Massachusetts!

What is agriculture like in Massachusetts? Almost 8,000 farms. Almost 8,000 farmers. Half a million acres. More farmers’ markets per head than software companies. Birthplace of the CSA (community-supported agriculture, or farmshare). Renowned for our cranberries, famous for our asparagus, beloved for local dairy products. Second in the nation in percentage of direct sales on farms. Origin of the Baldwin apple, the Waltham butternut, the Roxbury russet apple and the Concord grape.

What is the role of our Center in agriculture? Our UMass Extension unit helps make agriculture thrive in our Commonwealth. Bring the latest discoveries to farmers. Stimulate innovation. Research on new techniques. Helping the state produce delicious food with reduced amounts of chemical inputs, helping keep farmland open and our farm towns beautiful and vibrant. Growing employment. Thriving in an age of climate change. Better opportunities, sparkling fresh food for everyone in Massachusetts. Join us, and in the words of an early Massachusetts educator, be ambitious!