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Commercial Horticulture

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Commercial Horticulture

Let's Take Care of Our Special Places!

Do you value the special places in Massachusetts? Imagine… the sun shining onto a charming city park, onto neighborhoods framed by flower and shrub beds, noble shade trees, community gardens, and well-maintained golf courses or sports fields. The men and women of the “green industries” provide the expertise and experience behind many of these treasured places.  The 35,000+* people in Massachusetts who work for landscape and lawn care businesses, commercial arborist companies, garden centers, greenhouses, or municipal departments responsible for the care of parks and playgrounds… they keep our landscapes healthy and beautiful while simultaneously preserving environmental quality, and pumping $3 billion* into our state’s economy every year.

What is the role of our Center in commercial horticulture? Our UMass Extension unit connects green industry personnel with the most up-to-date research on successful, practical, sustainable, and environmentally sound landscape and plant care. We provide resources including manuals, workshops, educational short courses, tips and online newsletters. We do it for the good of our cities and towns, for the good of our businesses and residents, for the good of our trees, lawns and flowers. Join us, and in the words of an early Massachusetts educator, be ambitious!

*estimated in 2015 in Massachusetts Green Industry Economic Impact Study, Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association.