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Environmental Conservation

Research and Outreach Interest Area:

Environmental Conservation

Nurturing the Natural Resources that Are Our Common Wealth.

What makes the natural world unique in Massachusetts? For one thing, a whole lot of forest very near a whole lot of people: we are the nation’s sixth most forested state and also the third most densely populated. A rich variety of environments, from 1,500 miles of coastline to a broad river valley with some of the world’s best agricultural soils. Rich in waterways and animal populations—some that have returned from the brink of disappearance—and diverse plant life.

How is our Center involved in the biodiversity of our state?  Educating residents to become stewards of the natural resources in their own communities…  opportunities for citizen scientists to gather information and contribute to understanding wildlife populations. Supporting research to create the new knowledge and tools that will enable biodiversity to be protected. Collaborating with agencies and non-profits to tackle big challenges. Providing technology-powered tools for local decision-makers to understand the impacts of the options before them. Making sure Massachusetts remains vitally alive for future generations. Join us, and in the words of an early Massachusetts educator, be ambitious!