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Food Science

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Food Science

Knowledge of the Science of Food is All About Power.

Can science enhance the power of what we eat? The power of food is much more than merely full bellies. Food has the power to help keep us healthy and food may sometimes have the power to heal. Food has the power to start businesses and to bring communities together. Food employs people (about one in ten workers in Massachusetts, in fact). Food has the power to sustain agriculture and keep our environment open and healthy. Food is a great common factor in all of our lives.

How is our Center involved in advancing the science of food? Our Mass. Agricultural Experiment Station partners with our University’s Department of Food Science, one of the acknowledged giants in the global discipline, to advance knowledge and discovery in areas of functional foods, food safety, and foods for health and wellness. The Center helps support applied research and the application of research to stimulate entrepreneurship and new product development. We help our farms and food businesses follow safe, sound procedures so that we all thrive. The world of what we eat is moving ahead and we’re here to help. Join us, and in the words of an early Massachusetts educator, be ambitious!