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Research and Outreach Interest Area:


Keeping Our Water Resources in Great Shape.

Where is the water in Massachusetts? It’s in lakes, rivers, and streams. Ponds and oceans. Wells. Reservoirs, tanks, and sewers… Water is all around us, and in many forms. We drink it, bathe in it, irrigate our farms and gardens with it, swim in it, use it in manufacturing, fish in it. We also pollute it, use an awful lot of it, often act as if it’s unlimited, and (here on the humid northeast coast of the continent) often take it for granted. 

What is the role of our Center in water resources? Work with municipal water resource authorities to help them with research and technical information on their work.  Help farmers, nursery operators, greenhouse growers and turf managers conserve use of water and make sure runoff and waste water is handled appropriately. Develop techniques for highway departments and others to allow wildlife to pass through the thousands of culverts in the state. Develop protocols and educate local officials on preparing for floods and other extreme weather events. Make sure the future includes safe, plentiful, and well-managed water supplies for everyone in Massachusetts. Join us, and in the words of an early Massachusetts educator, be ambitious!