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The Working Group on Improving Microbial Control of Arthropod Pests

Principal Investigator/Project Leader: 
Department of Project: 
Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Project Description: 

The goals of this project are to: 1) study and improve microbial control options in IPM strategies for: a. arge acreage crops (alfalfa, corn, dry beans, potatoes, and small grains) b. orchard systems (fruits and nuts) c. small fruits and vegetables (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and vegetables) and d. urban and natural landscapes, rangelands, and nurseries. This single objective encompasses four distinct projects based upon agricultural system and environment.  The second goal is to promote information transfer and microbial control options to IPM practitioners through an annual symposium event during the annual meetings of the Entomological Society of America (ESA).  To do this we will create an addition of the microbial control section to the topics presented at the ESA meetings, conduct extension events specific to microbial control, and offer opportunities for new collaborations and multi-state project evaluation. This objective includes a formal outreach and evaluation process to refine and improve the direction of the research projects and expand the outcomes of the work.


Commercial Horticulture topics: