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Plant Diagnostics Laboratory

Diagnosis of plant problems is the first step in an effective and economic management program. We serve farmers, greenhouse producers, landscape contractors, turf managers, arborists, nurseries, and others in agriculture and the green industries. Each diagnosis includes a written report with pest management strategies that are research based, economically sound, and environmentally appropriate for the situation.

Please note: The lab is not able to test for pesticide residues, VOC’s, or other contaminants.

The UMass Extension Plant Diagnostic Lab will send a written report when a conclusion has been reached on the diagnosis or identification. Detailed management recommendations are included with diagnoses. All results are confidential.

To Submit a Sample:

Step 1 — Read Guidelines for Preparing Your Sample

Choose a crop category. Instructions on taking and preparing samples, can be accessed below.  Accurate diagnosis requires both a representative sample and sufficient information about the cultural practices and environmental conditions associated with the problem.

For proper diagnosis, specimens must be received in good condition.

Step 2 — Complete a Submission Form

A completed Sample Submission Form is required for each specimen. Submission forms for different crops can be accessed at the links below.

Step 3 — Payment Options

There is a fee per specimen (or particular problem). The appropriate fee or proof of payment must accompany each sample.

By check: Enclose your payment with the sample. Make checks payable to the University of Massachusetts

By credit card: Enclose a copy of your credit card sales confirmation with the sample. Click here to pay by credit card.

For proper diagnosis, specimens must be received in good condition. Hand-deliver samples if possible, or send them by the fastest means available. Include accompanying information (such as photos, etc.) regarding the symptoms that are of particular concern to you. Federal Express, UPS, and Priority Mail through the U.S. Postal Service deliver directly to the building.

Address packages to:

UMass Extension Plant Diagnostic Lab
#3 French Hall, 230 Stockbridge Road, Amherst, MA 01003
(413) 545-3208 - fax (413) 545-4385

Use exact address to ensure delivery.


Dr. Nicholas Brazee 413-545-2826; nbrazee[at]umass[dot]edu