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Integrated Pest Management
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The University of Massachusetts Extension Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program is a systems-oriented educational program that involves an interdisciplinary approach to ecosystem management, agricultural crop production and community pest management. This approach incorporates mechanisms for accurate estimation of both pest and beneficial insect populations, includes both economic and environmental cost and benefit assessments, and prescribes a combination of strategies for control of pest problems.

New England Small Fruit Management Guide, 2015-2016 edition.
New England Small Fruit Management Guide, 2015-2016 edition.

This guide is intended for commercial farmers to provide information on pest management practices for small fruit crops in New England.

8th International IPM Symposium held March 2015

Presentations and posters from the 8th International IPM Symposium can be found at:

Full proceedings with abstracts can be accessed at:

Advanced Technology for Precision IPM

View videos on "Advanced Technology for Precision IPM" on NEIPM Center website: