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Healthy Fruit

Healthy Fruit is a timely newsletter that includes information on tree-fruit horticulture, pest management, and related topics. The primary reader is the commercial grower, but anyone growing fruit trees will benefit.

Healthy Fruit is published weekly or biweekly from April through September and periodically throughout the rest of the year. Meeting announcements, fact sheets and bulletins published during the year, and updates to the New England Tree Fruit Management Guide are included with the Healthy Fruit subscription. The cost for subscription to Healthy Fruit is $50 per year for the email version. For more information, contact Jon Clements

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Current Issue:

Healthy Fruit 2016 Vol. 24:21
Sep 27, 2016
In This Issue:

Healthy Fruit, Vol. 24, No. 21, September 27, 2016

Jon Clements, Author (unless otherwise noted) and Editor


  • Upcoming meetings
  • The way I see it/apple maturity report
  • 2016 pest managment season high/low-lights and significant observations
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  • Useful links