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Berry Notes

Nourse Farm logo Berry Notes is a comprehensive monthly publication that includes seasonally relevant information on small fruit production, pest management, marketing, and related topics. Short articles on recentmresearch results are also often included. Information about all types of production practices including IPM, organic, and conventional management is provided. Summer issues of Berry Notes often include pest alerts, scouting results, and reminders and/or checklists for important crop management activities (such as how and when to renovate strawberry beds).

Berry Notes includes announcements of meetings for small fruit growers, including locations, registration information, and directions. Pesticide applicator certification trainings are also posted.

Subscriptions are $10 per year and can be order through the Extension Bookstore

Or by downloading the publications order form and sending in a check.

We are very greatful to Nourse Farms , Orchard Equipment and Supply Co. (OESCo), Adams County Nurseries and 4-Town Farm for their support in underwriting this publications so that it can be offered to you at a very low cost.