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Plant Parasitic Nematode Management as a Component of Sustainable Soil Health

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Stockbridge School of Agriculture
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The recent removal of fenamiphos from availability leaves golf course superintendents with no effective management for plant parasitic nematodes. Fenamiphos was the only effective nematicide registered for use on golf greens in the United States. However, the LD50 of fenamiphos is in the single digits and therefore difficult and risky to applicators and non-target organisms.  There have been a number of commercially-available products and experimental products offered as fenamiphos-alternatives. These products have been and will continue to be tested in carefully controlled, replicated experimental plots located on working golf greens. Most of these alternatives are relatively safe to handle and/or are biological control agents. The results of experimental work will be incorporated with recommendations for best growing practices as published material for golf course superintendents.