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Required Trainings for Faculty, Staff and Students

All CAFE Employees as well as faculty, staff and students who receive support from the MA Experiment Station must complete these trainings which can be taken online and are accessed from the Employee Inclusivity Page of the UMass Human Resources website:

  • Creating a respectful work environment - The University of Massachusetts is committed to promoting inclusive workplaces, ensuring all employees understand their role in creating a respectful work environment, and providing information on the resources and procedures available to address concerns. 
  • Harassment Prevention and Title IX

Anyone serving on a faculty search must attend a STRIDE Diversity Faculty Recruitment Workshop -The workshop/training is valid for a three -year period, after which it must be renewed.
Visit UMass Office of the Provost Website to view the schedule and register for an upcoming workshop.
Faculty, staff and students who are involved in the conduct of research must complete training
in Responsible and Ethical Conduct of Research (RECR).
Visit UMass Research Administration and Compliance webpage for information and access to the training through the online CITI training platform