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Rebirth and Resilience: Building Social, Cultural, and Green Infrastructure to Revitalize Legacy Cities and Make Them More Resilient to the Effects of Climate Change

Principal Investigator/Project Leader: 
Co-Principal Investigator/Co-Project Leader: 
Department of Project: 
Landscape Arch. & Regional Planning Dept.
Project Description: 

The proposed research has three main parts: 1. Assessment of the current situation in Springfield and similar mid-size cities - We will begin our research by gathering information about Springfield, its residents and the impact that climate change may have there or in similar cities. We will describe and identify the city's vulnerable populations: Where do they live, and what challenges do they face related to climate change? What data is needed to understand how these challenges might be addressed and how can that data be obtained?
2. Data collection and analysis - In order to reach marginalized and traditionally underrepresented residents (non-English speakers, people of color, and elderly), we will draw on our research team's longstanding connections to the Springfield community, using a "Community Based Participatory Research" model. Working closely with the community will allow us to collect in-depth data through personal interviews and community dialogues. The data we collect will increase our knowledge of Springfield, its neighborhoods and its most vulnerable residents. This information will allow us to better understand a range of issues that affect residents, especially as they pertain to social networks (demographics and cultural connections, housing types, equity) and climate change (public space, hazardous conditions, awareness).