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Commonwealth Quality

The Commonwealth Quality Seal serves to identify locally sourced products that are grown, harvested, and processed right here in Massachusetts using practices that are safe, sustainable and don't harm the environment.  The practices are based on the UMass Extension/Farm Bureau/DAR Best Management Practices Guidelines. Best Management Practices include soil conservation and health, IPM, worker protection, and food safety.  Becoming part of Commonwealth Quality involves taking a self-assessment survey of practices and agreeing to follow guidelines on the use of the Commonwealth Quality Seal.

Commonwealth Quality is not designed to replace full USDA GAP certification but may be considered an alternative by some customers. Growers will be able to submit their self assessments, their signed Commonwealth Quality contract, and a fee of $50 to cover costs of printing, postage, and time for the New England vegetable & Berry Growers Association, which will work with DAR to complete the process.

Massachusetts Fruit/Vegetable Commonwealth Quality Seal:


Score Sheet