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UMass Extension fact sheets on Varroa mite management

Below you will find:

  • IPM Tri-Fold (condensed guide to Varroa management)

  • IPM Fact Sheet (more detailed guide to Varroa management)

  • Ecology Informed Apiary Design

  • How to Use Drone Brood Removal

  • How to Monitor Varroa Using an Alcohol Wash (Video)

IPM Tri-Fold (PDF here):

Created in collaboration with MDAR, the Maine Dept. of Agriculture and the Northeast IPM Center

IPM Tri-Fold Page 1 IPM Tri-Fold Page 2

IPM Fact Sheet (PDF here):

IPM Fact Sheet pg 1IPM Fact Sheet pg 2IPM Fact Sheet pg 3 IPM Fact Sheet pg 4

Ecology Informed Apiary Design (PDF here):

Apiary Design pg1 Apiary Design pg2

How to use Drone Brood Removal (PDF here):

DBR Fact Sheet


How to Monitor Varroa Using an Alcohol Wash (Video) 

Hannah Whitehead, Honey Bee Extension Educator, explains how to test for Varroa mites in your hives using an alcohol wash. 

Thanks to Kim Skyrm (MDAR), Ryan Duggan (UMass) and Wyatt Shell (UNH) for help planning, filming, and editing this video.