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sampling for mites

2018 Massachusetts Hobbyist Health Survey

In 2018, UMass and MDAR collaborated with 40 hobbyist beekeepers across Massachusetts to carry out this beekeeper-initiated project. In early and late summer, we sampled two colonies from each beekeeper for Nosema, Varroa, viruses and pesticides. This survey gives us valuable information about pesticide and disease levels that can inform state-level decision-making. 


If you would like extension educator Hannah Whitehead to present these results to your bee club, send her an email at


The full report: MA Hobbyist Survey-Full Report

Summary of pesticide results: Pesticide Results Summary

Tips for protecting your hives from pesticides: Protecting Hives from Pesticides






collecting bees for Nosema analysis
sampling equipment
shipping live bees for virus testing
candid photo from the apiary