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UMass Extension fact sheets on Varroa mite management

Below you will find:

  • IPM Tri-Fold (condensed guide to Varroa management)

  • IPM Fact Sheet (more detailed guide to Varroa management)

  • Ecology Informed Apiary Design

  • How to Use Drone Brood Removal

IPM Tri-Fold (PDF here):

Created in collaboration with MDAR, the Maine Dept. of Agriculture and the Northeast IPM Center

IPM Tri-Fold Page 1 IPM Tri-Fold Page 2

IPM Fact Sheet (PDF here):

IPM Fact Sheet pg 1IPM Fact Sheet pg 2IPM Fact Sheet pg 3 IPM Fact Sheet pg 4

Ecology Informed Apiary Design (PDF here):

Apiary Design pg1 Apiary Design pg2

How to use Drone Brood Removal (PDF here):

DBR Fact Sheet