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Brianna Carlisle

Brianna Carlisle
Project Title: 
Managing Emerging contaminants in the Connecticut River Watershed
Program Year: 
Environmental Science
Timothy Randhir

I am so happy that I got to experience working with Timothy Randhir and the Connecticut River Watershed this summer! While my internship was online it was really nice being able to create my own hours and go at my own pace. I am not the best with technology especially Windows so I’m very thankful professor Randhir was able to guide me through it and help me learn more about it. Along with that I got to work with a program similar to GIS called BASINS. At first I was very confused because it was a software that I had never used before, but by the end of the summer I ended up learning a lot about it and really enjoyed it. I also really loved looking through research articles about emerging contaminants, which we were studying in the Connecticut River Watershed. Being an Environmental Science major learning about the harmful effects of these emerging contaminants have made me even more passionate about the subject. Though I could not be there in person, I am really glad my poster could still be displayed to educate others on how harmful emerging contaminants are and the effect that they have on us as humans and even other organisms. I would like to thank the CAFE Summer Scholars program and Timothy Randhir for encouraging me and supporting me all throughout the summer!