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Interest Area - Nutrition

There Are Two Important Things Hungry People Need: Food and Facts.

Do you know how pervasive the problem of hunger is in Massachusetts? We may call our state a commonwealth, but for those 650,000 or so people in the state who are hungry or at risk of hunger every day, it may seem like anything but. And… food insecurity (hunger or risk of hunger) is a problem with consequences. A range of health problems. Diabetes. Obesity. Problems in school and problems at work. Many of these often lifelong problems have roots at home, around a table without enough food or where poor nutritional choices may seem like the only option.

How is our Center involved in helping to alleviate food insecurity? UMass Extension’s Nutrition Education Program (NEP) brings knowledge to the tables of low-income residents (about 208,000 contacts in 2015) so that they can make the very best choices about how to use their limited food resources. NEP provides individuals, families, and communities with the knowledge and skills for healthier eating through research-based nutrition education. Together, we can reduce the rate of food insecurity. Join us, and in the words of an early Massachusetts educator, be ambitious!