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Cranberry IPM Message

Perhaps all the recent rain events and frost management have caused you to notice consistent waterlogged areas on the bog. Before applying any chemicals, improve drainage.

Aside from today (which looks to be wet and warm), the 5-day forecast is still looking cool (in the 50s for highs).

Some observations from Marty: No other insects were seen, but a few weevils were detected on bog edges this past week.  For the foreseeable future - no days above 60 degrees F and lots of rain and frost, so it looks like there will be no good sweeping days.  Be aware, however, that...

Not much has changed since last week.  The weather has been either cold or wet or both.  Bud development has been slow to progress.  The below is similar to what I reported last week, just briefer.

The Preliminary Keeping Quality Forecast is FAIR; we got 3 out of 10 points.  Based on the preliminary forecast, fruit rot fungicide applications and the rate of fungicides applied for fruit rot control should not be reduced....

Although the Station buildings are not open, we are “open for business” and accessible by phone or email (

Chart Book updates are going in the mail today April 10 by both email and snail mail.  If you need a new Chart Book, contact Krystal at

Note from MDAR: All pesticide license exams have been cancelled for the foreseeable future due to the limits on social gatherings.

Cranberry fruitworm larvae are full-sized now and berry inspection typically ceases by August 15.  Sparganothis fruitworm larvae are reported at about half size.  It is really too late to be spraying for any insects at this point.  The only possibility could be flea beetle and you...

For Ocean Spray growers, no Sevin sprays can be made after July 31.  Some growers have been picking up flea beetle.  You should really have high numbers to justify a spray for this pest.