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Cranberry IPM Message

It is time to being planning for your first Altacor application targeting Cranberry Fruitworm eggs.  Even most large-fruited varieties have still not reached 50% out of bloom, but berries bigger than pinheads are easy...

If you are trying to control Fairy Ring, Ferbam can be applied at 9 lb/100 gal water through July 31. Do not apply after July 31. You can only do one application of Ferbam. This goes out as a soil drench at a rate of 1 gal/sq ft.

Sparganothis fruitworm moths and Cranberry fruitworm moths are flying.  There are pictures on the IPM Message on the Cranberry Station web site.

As you are getting ready for your first fungicide spray, please note that fungicide applications should have good coverage and take place before fruit rot fungi infect plant tissues.

Weevil has finally peaked out and Actara treatments are working well.  Some Avaunt success has also been reported.  Sparganothis and Black-headed fireworm should be wrapping up, but just like with the vine development, size is all over the place. ...

It is time to be thinking about fertilizer applications. The rate used will vary by cultivar, previous summer tissue tests and historic bog response.

Perhaps all the recent rain events and frost management have caused you to notice consistent waterlogged areas on the bog. Before applying any chemicals, improve drainage.

Aside from today (which looks to be wet and warm), the 5-day forecast is still looking cool (in the 50s for highs).

Some observations from Marty: No other insects were seen, but a few weevils were detected on bog edges this past week.  For the foreseeable future - no days above 60 degrees F and lots of rain and frost, so it looks like there will be no good sweeping days.  Be aware, however, that...

Not much has changed since last week.  The weather has been either cold or wet or both.  Bud development has been slow to progress.  The below is similar to what I reported last week, just briefer.