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Cranberry IPM Message

Fruitworm season has begun with hybrids sprayed already.  Check your bog to see if 50% out of bloom is reached to trigger a spray, while waiting a week after 50% out of bloom for Howes. Varieties are wildly different. For example, a Scarlet Knight bed with sandy bog floor was 100% out of bloom this week with all berries whereas a Steven was at 20%.

Now is the time to get your initial numbers for percent out-of-bloom for cranberry fruitworm management.  It is good to get 1-2 calculations in before you hit 50% oob, so you can be a bit more confident in your numbers. On June 23, we had BL at 19% oob, Dem and CQ at 17% at State Bog.

Most migratory honey beekeepers have started to deploy their hives this week.  Commercial bumblebee quads arrived last week. This signals the stop order for Avaunt, Actara and Diazinon applications.  Many growers treated for scale with Diazinon on 6/10 with the incredible low wind conditions and early release of crawlers.

Pheromone traps to monitor for Spag, BHF, and/or cranberry girdler, should be up. Photos to aid identification of the moths are in last week’s message on the website.  Sparganothis moths are flying.  If you are going to use Intrepid or Altacor to manage 2nd generation, applications would go on  3 weeks after onset of flight (end of June) and 10-14 days later.   

We will be holding an in-person bogside on Wednesday June 8, 9-10 AM.  Please skirt wide of the construction area and park near the bog as best you can.  1 contact hour will be offered.

All LW floods should be off your bogs by now (or if on the Cape, by the end of the month).  Frost tolerance is 29.5 F once the flood is removed, no matter the appearance of the buds.  Sweep for early season insects and CB weevil. Generally, no fertilizer is needed on LW bogs until bloom.

To hear audio recording, call 508-258-9191.

No change from last week regarding sweep catches.  Good sweeping weather is still not here.  Very few small spanworms and a few weevils reported.  Bogs do seem wet but the the talk is that we are in early drought for the area.  Marty has gotten calls about dead spots; diagnosing is on-going.

To hear audio recording, call 508-258-9191.

No good sweeping days except this past Thursday (end of next week looks good too!).  Many growers got out and found generally clean bogs.  Just a few weevil here and there; few flies and spiders.  Just a few very small green spanworm here and there. No treatable populations anywhere reported.  Picture has 3 tiny green spanworm circled.

Some bogs went under water due to the rain on Wednesday night into Thursday. This is a bad time to have fruit under water. Applying a fungicide at this time will not help reduce fruit rot but could give you peace of mind. Growers should do all they can to get the water off as soon as possible (including from low spots of the bog). That would be the most critical action to take at this time.