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News from the Media

Developing Hybird Wine Grapes in Repsonse to Climate Change
July 29, 2019

Massachusetts winemakers are responding to climate change. Sonia Schloemann and Elsa Petit, both from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, are working with other scientists around the country to develop hybrid grapes better able to withstand changing weather patterns. (Fox 25 News, 7/25/19)

Whately School Works with UMass Clean Energy Corps
July 23, 2019

UMass Clean Energy Corps, a group of students working with Benjamin S. Weil, environmental conservation, produced a series of recommendations for energy savings at the Whately Elementary School, the largest user of energy in the town. (Recorder, 7/22/19)

UMass Cranberry Station Video Profiles Research and Outreach
July 23, 2019

A new video profiles the UMass Cranberry Station, located in Wareham. (Wareham Community Television, 7/16/19)

Get Growing: Suffering sycamores
July 12, 2019

Columnist discusses sycamore anthracnose of sycamore trees in yard. (Daily Hampshire Gazette, 7/12/19)

UMass Extension Helps Garden Columnist Manage Cabbage Worms
July 15, 2018

A garden columnist says she consulted with Susan Scheufele, UMass Extension, about how to identify and deal with cross-striped cabbage worms and related pests that eat vegetable crops in local gardens. (The Berkshire Edge, 7/15/19)

Lili He, Food Scientist, Offers Advice on Washing Fruits and Vegetables
July 11, 2019

Lili He, food science, who was the lead author on a study that found washing fruits and vegetables with a baking soda solution removes most chemicals and pesticides from their skins, says it a good method to try. (Yahoo! News, 7/10/19)

Pakistan Develops Required Legislation to Protect Diverse Wildlife: UMass Professor Discusses
July 9, 2019

Christopher Sutherland, environmental conservation, participated in a conference in Islamabad, Pakistan, where officials were discussing efforts to pass legislation to protect that country’s diverse wildlife and natural resources. (Pakistan Today 7/8/19)

Meat Alternatives Let Kids Ditch Hamburgers: UMass Food Scientist Shares Observations
July 9, 2019

David J. McClements, Distinguished Professor in food sciences, says when he took his daughter and her friends to try the new meatless Impossible Burger at Burger King, they couldn’t believe it wasn’t meat. (Yahoo! News 7/9/19)

Which Drink is Best to Handle Spicy Food? UMass Food Scientist Weighs In
July 8, 2019

Alissa Nolden, food sciences, says researchers weren’t surprised to find that milk is the best beverage to use to combat the burn from spicy food. (Futurity 7/1/19)

Historic Tree Suffering from Fungus
June 29, 2019

Newspaper article discusses state of prominent historic sycamore tree on Route 7 in Great Barrington, Mass. Article quotes CAFE website on sycamore anthracnose and how it affects the tree. Article quotes Great Barrington's tree warden, Michael Peretti, an arboriculture graduate of UMass Amherst. (Berkshire Eagle, 6/29/19)