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Nursing Home Toll From COVID19 Rises in Massachusetts, UMass Virologist Comments
April 8, 2020

Matthew D. Moore, assistant professor, food science and virologist, says testing for the coronavirus has not caught up to the reality that the disease can be spread before people are aware of the symptoms. (Bennington Banner 4/7/20)

Good News, Good Riddance to Gypsy Moth Caterpillars This Year
April 8, 2020

We can expect to see little or no evidence of gypsy moth caterpillars this year. According to Tawny Simisky, an extension entomologist, the decline in the gypsy moth population is mostly due to the recent surge in Entomophaga maimaiga, an airborne fungus that kills gypsy moth caterpillars. (Hampshire Gazette 4/5/20)

COVID-19: Staying Connected In This Time of Social Distancing
April 8, 2020

Michael DiPasquale, landscape and archtiecture, discusses the importance of staying connected during this time of social distancing. (Mass Live, 4/06/20)

UMass-Amherst Professor Researches Expanded Plant-based Food Choices
April 8, 2020

David Julian McClements, food science, discusses his life as a vegan, going from meat, to veggie, retreating back to animal products and finally, settled on a vegetarian diet. He is working on research to expand the variety of tasty, nutritious plant-based products that provide protein and other ingredients necessary for a healthy diet. (Mass Live, 4/6/20)

Trapping Fruit Pests
April 7, 2020

Jaime Pinero, UMass Extension, is exploring  the cost of low-cost trapping techniques for some impacts that can damage fruits. (Good Fruit Grower 3/24/20)

Rebuilding Fly Fishing in Bahamas, Danylchuck Quoted
March 3, 2020

Andy Danylchuk, environmental conservation, is quoted in an article about the return of  fly-fishing to the Bahamas after the devastation of Hurricane Dorian. (Fly Fisherman, 2/27/20)

Restoring the American Elm, Harper Reports
February 25, 2020

Research to restore the American Elm tree to the landscape through monitoring of host plant resistance to Dutch elm disease is underway at UMass Amherst led by Rick Harper and Nicholas Brazee (Arborist News 02/20).

Franklin County 4-H Launches Stand-up Comedy Club
February 24, 2020

The Franklin County 4-H program is teaming up with the Bear Country radio station to start a Stand-Up Comedy 4-H Club, says Educator Tom Waskiewicz of UMass Amherst 4-H Extension (Recorder 2/21/20).

Four Apps for Fruit Growers: Clements Reports
February 20, 2020

Jon M. Clements, UMass Extension, writes about four cell phone apps that are useful to fruit growers. (Growing Produce, 2/19/20)

Warmer Winters Could Impact Local Fruit Crops
February 11, 2020

Jon Clements, UMass Extension, says apples need to have some chilling hours in order to thrive. (Western Mass News, 2/10/20)