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News from the Media

Growing the Blue Economy on Cape Ann: UMass Gloucester Marine Station Collaborates
February 4, 2019

Going beyond traditional Chamber of Commerce activities, the 900-member Cape Ann Chamber is teaming with UMass Amherst’s Gloucester Marine Station and UMass Dartmouth to grow the region’s maritime economy. ( 1/31/19)

Researchers Identify effects of Nanoparticles on Intestinal Microorganisms, UMass Professor Comments
January 29, 2019

The intestinal microbiome is not only key for food processing but an accepted co-determinant for various diseases. Researchers at University Mainz (JGU) identified effects of nanoparticles on intestinal microorganisms. UMass professor David J. McClements, Food Science comments. (Science and Technology Research News 2/1/19;  Medicine News Line; Science Daily, 1/29/19)

UMass Discusses Concerns About Spraying on River Road
January 29, 2019

DEERFIELD — Representatives from the University of Massachusetts Amherst attended this week’s Board of Health meeting to address public concerns regarding the spraying of chemicals at the Joseph Troll Turf Research Center in South Deerfield. (Gazette 1/27/19)

Agrivoltaics: Solar Panels on Farms Could Be a Win-Win
January 22, 2019

Dual use solar installation for use with agriculture at UMass Crop and Animal Research and Education Center in South Deerfield is featured in article. Civil Eats, 1/22/19

Research to Study Climate Change Impacts on Soil Capacity
January 17, 2019

Marco Keiluweit, assistant professor, Stockbridge School of Agriculture, and collaborators are studying how climate change affects the capacity of soils to remove carbon from the atmosphere and retain enough nutrients for food production. (Science & Technology Research News, 1/15/19;  News Office Release). 

Federal Shutdown Halts Some Environmental Conservation Efforts, Slows Others in Western Mass
January 8, 2019

Federal researchers in western Massachusetts study ways to protect migrating fish, backyard birds and urban trees. The government shutdown is keeping them home and away from their research. Curtice Griffin, environmental conservation, comments, “It’s a very, very unfortunate event that our federal colleagues are caught up in this mess.”  (WFCR, WBUR 1/8/19) 

Tariffs Impact on Fruit and Nut Industry, UMass Extension Comments
January 2, 2019

Jon M. Clements, UMass Extension, says tariffs on the fruit and nut industries aren’t likely to have much impact on this region because, “It has become primarily a retail/direct market.” He says the top issues he sees are regulations and recordkeeping and lack of labor for smaller jobs and retail. (, 12/29/18)

Good agricultural practices ‘the only line of defense’ against E. coli
December 26, 2018

Food safety expert Amanda Kinchla, UMass Extension and UMass Department of Food Science, speaks about good agricultural practices to maintain a safe food supply. The Recorder, December 26, 2018. 


UW Study on Climate Change: Comments by Julie Brigham-Grette, Geoscientist
December 11, 2018

Julie Brigham-Grette, geosciences, says a new report from researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that says climate change could turn back the geological clock 50 million years in just 200 years, shows there is less time than scientists thought to prevent warming and the changes it will cause. “It’s a real call to action to all countries, including our own, to really quickly ramp up technologies that get us away from fossil fuels.” (La Crosse Tribune, 12/10/18)

Stockbridge School Offers Online Law Class for Farmers
December 5, 2018

Introduction to Food and Ag Law (STOCKSCH 297FL), provides an overview of the federal and state laws that a New England farmer is likely to encounter. The online winter course runs from 12/26/18 to 1/19/19. (Morningagclips 12/4/18)