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News from the Media

  • Limit Fertilizer Use to Curb Dangerous Algae Bloom in Lakes & Ponds

    August 19, 2021

    UMass Soil and Plant Nutrient Testing Laboratory is referenced in a piece about limiting fertilizer use and curbing dangerous algae blooms.

  • Bonefish & Tarpon Trust to Honor Conservation Leaders at Expo

    August 10, 2021

    Andy Danylchuk, UMass environmental conservation, will be honored by the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, with the Flats Stewardship Award for his contributions to flats fishery conservation at the 7th Annual International Science Symposium and Flats Expo, November, 2021.

  • Researchers Collaborate to Train and Build Workforce for Clean Energy

    August 10, 2021

    Dwayne Breger, UMass Clean Energy Extension, leads team of researchers to support access for underrepresented people for offshore wind program certification program.

  • Curating the Weeds: UMass Extension is Cited

    August 9, 2021

    UMass Extension is cited in a column about gardening and the abundance of weeds due to the recent heavy rains.

  • CSA Craze Continues Benefiting Local Farmers

    July 26, 2021

    Susan Scheufele, UMass Extension, is quoted in a radio news report about the growth of community supported agriculture, or CSAs, during the pandemic. “There's definitely a good number of people who were first-time CSA members,” Scheufele said. “And a lot of those folks are sticking around.”

  • Mulch Can Keep Weeds Down

    July 26, 2021

    Information provided by UMass Amherst Extension about dyes used in mulch is cited in a column about using mulch.

  • New England Growers Graft Pest-Attractive Varieties Onto Trap Trees

    July 26, 2021

    A new pest attraction method has been devised by Jaime Piñero, Stockbridge School of Agriculture, that grafts multiple cultivars known to be attractive to insect pests onto a handful of apple trees on an orchard perimeter, and uses them as perennial trap trees.

  • Advisory: Report Dead Birds and Remove Feeders

    July 15, 2021

    Take down bird feeders and bird baths: An illness is impacting birds in certain parts of the country. As a precautionary measure, MassWildlife is urging the public to report observations of dead birds and stop using bird feeders at this time.

  • What to Know Before Planting Around your Property

    July 15, 2021

    An article about home gardening includes advice from the landscape, nursery and urban forestry program at UMass Amherst Extension.

  • ‘Make-It Springfield’ Celebrates Five Years

    July 6, 2021

    Michael DiPasquale, UMass assistant professor and co-founder, reopened the creative downtown maker-space for in-person events. He said, “5 years and still going strong in spite of a pandemic. I’m glad the legacy continues.”

  • The Future of Striped Bass Is In Our Hands

    July 6, 2021

    Andy Danylchuk, environmental conservation, is quoted in an article about the importance of proper catch and release practices to the future of the Atlantic striped bass fishery.


  • Can Land Conservation and Dual-Use Solar on Farms Coexist?

    June 30, 2021

    Dwayne Breger, director, UMass Clean Energy Extension, comments in article about the conflict between land conservation and construction of solar panels discusses dual-use projects in which solar panels are installed above crop fields.

  • Watering Lawn During Heat Wave May Help Environment

    June 30, 2021

     UMass expert, Jason Lanier, said letting your lawn shrivel up and die in a heat wave might not be a more environmentally friendly option than keeping it green.

  • Valley Bournty: Plant and Pest Field Notes

    June 22, 2021

    Susan Scheufele, Extension educator in the Center for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment, is quoted in an article about how local farms are handling plant pests. She says, “Plants and their pests have been co-evolving for millions of years, so it’s usually not simple to figure out how to get rid of them.”

  • Climate Change Carnival Held at Amherst Middle School

    June 17, 2021

    Christine Hatch, UMass geosciences, participated in a “Climate Change Carnival” at Amherst Regional Middle School to educate middle school students about effects of climate change on natural landscapes.


  • Keep Fish Wet

    June 9, 2021

    Andy Danylchuk, environmental conservation, is a science advisor to Keep Fish Wet, an organization that’s collaborating on a grassroots effort to teach people how to catch and release striped bass in a way that gives the fish the best chance of surviving. 

  • Making Processed Plant-Based Protein Healthier

    June 8, 2021

    David Julian McClements, Distinguished Professor of food science, is the author of a paper in the new Nature journal, “Science of Food,” that explores how food scientists are focusing on ways to create healthier, better-tasting and more sustainable plant-based protein products that mimic meat, fish, milk, cheese and eggs.

  • Group Proposes Alternative to Northampton Mayor’s Main Street plan

    June 7, 2021

    An article about a group of Northampton residents calling for changes to the city’s Main Street redesign plan includes a photo of Michael Di Pasquale, landscape architecture and regional planning. 

  • UMass Extension Provides Resources for Dangers of Residential Pesticides to Birds and Pollinators

    June 7, 2021

    A news article about the dangers that residential pesticides pose to pollinators and birds notes that UMass Extension provides resources for consumers to learn about the damage specific pesticides cause. 

  • New Fishing Tech May Pose Risks To Fisheries

    May 26, 2021

    A new study co-authored by Andy Danylchuk, environmental conservation, discusses the challenges for fisheries management and effective policymaking created by new developments in recreational fishing technology. “There are still so many unknowns,” says Danylchuk.