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General Food Safety Information for Farmers

Food Safety Hazard Areas:

Visit each of the pages below for general food safety information. Each page includes background information, general tips, and relevant recordkeeping templates.

Worker Health, Hygiene, and Training

Agricultural Water

Soil Amendments

Wildlife, Domesticated Animals, and Land Use

Post Harvest Handling & Sanitation

Farm Food Safety Plans & Traceability

Standard Operating Procedures: 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are instructions for specific tasks that can help ensure that the task is being completed correctly and consistently. Minimizing food safety risks involves identifying and implementing practices that are likely to reduce risks; good SOPs are useful for food safety because they help train employees to follow food safety practices the same way each time. They are generally written down so they can be accessed and referenced by anyone performing the task. For more information on SOPs, including what kinds of tasks SOPs are useful for, the benefits of SOPs, and how to write them, see our SOP Fact Sheet