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Worker Health, Hygiene, and Training



Toilet Paper Use

Toilet Use 


Employee Food Safety Education and Training Log

Health and Safety Notice

Restroom and Toilet Facility Maintenance Log

Hairnet & Jewelry Notice

Training Materials

Worker Hygiene Flip Chart – pdf (include link to order hard copy)

 Worker Hygiene Flip Chart - slideshow

Did you know? In the Field there is a need for hygiene too! - pamphlet

Good Hygiene Protects Everyone  - pamphlet

Food Safety Begins on the Farm: A Grower's Guide - manual

Build Your Own Handwash Station How-Tos

How to build a field hand washing station in 10 easy steps for under $20
University of Minnesota Agricultural Health and Safety Program
YouTube video:

Handwashing Units: An Overview of Units for Small to Large-Scale Agricultural Operations – North Carolina Cooperative Extension

Fact Sheets

Washing Away Misconceptions About Gloves and Handwashing. R. Montville, D. W. Schaffner. Rutgers Cooperative Extension, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Publication.

Extension Pages

Cornell University – Produce Safety Alliance – Educational Materials
List of national Extension GAPs programs

Cornell University – National GAPs – Educational Materials

University of Vermont Extension – Farm Worker Hygiene: Hygiene Practices for Farm Workers

Pennsylvania State Extension – Farm Food Safety Resources

External links with resource lists (posters, forms, manuals, videos):

Farm Employers Labor Service – Supplies

Massachusetts Food Safety Education Partnership – Clean

10 Most Common Causes of Infection (poster). University of Nebraska Cooperative
Extension in Lancaster County and Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department.

Regulatory & Research Information

FDA Employee Health and Hand Hygiene

Safe Food Preparation: It’s In Your Hands! R. B. Gravani. Cornell Cooperative
Extension, Bulletin 134.

USDA FDA Foodborne Research Information Office

The “An Ounce of Prevention” campaign

Clean Hands Campaign

Farm Hygiene & Safety Product Suppliers

Mobile Handwash station, first aid supplies, eye wash station, hair nets, gloves

Instawares Restaurant Supply, Food Service Hair Nets

Portable Restrooms and Sinks – Suppliers & Services

Zep Manufacturing
Touch-less Soap Dispensers

Handwash stations


Stone Industries
Portable toilets to buy

Airport John Portable Toilets

Sheldon Farm Septic & Portable Toilets Service

Action-King Sewer Services

Chase Harris Septic Services

Alm & Son Septic Services

R Barnes Sanitation

Portable Sanitation Association International

Readilite & Barricade

Other Portable Toilet Companies on Internet: