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Yearly Management

Managing a honey bee colony is complex and fascinating. Here are some resources to help you manage colony growth and prepare for winter


  • a honey bee frameThe University of Guelph has a really excellent video series. I've also listed invidiual videos in the topic areas below. Note: many of the individuals in these videos do not wear veils. Unless you are very experienced, it is recommended that you wear a veil when opening a hive. 
  • Check out Beekeeping calendar for the Northeast from the Cornell Bee Lab 
  • Ohio State offers a popular webinar, where they bring in experts to lecture about bees
  • For a diverse collection of resources on bee health, check out
  • Check out workshops offered by UMass, and other intermediate/advanced bee courses offered by organizations Massachusetts.

Managing Growth (Swarming, Splitting and Supering)

Winter Prep

Queen Management (and Queen Rearing)