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Soil and Plant Nutrient Testing Laboratory

Ordering Information & Forms

To submit a sample to the lab, download the appropriate form and follow the sample collection guidelines provided. Complete the submission form and either mail or hand deliver to the lab.  For help in deciding which test you want, click here.

The fees on all order forms are per sample.  Payment must accompany sample(s) submitted with checks or money order made payable to University of Massachusetts.

One cup of dry soil per sample is needed for Routine Soil Analysis.  Please read Sampling Instructions for Routine Soil Analysis for detailed instructions on collecting a soil sample before collecting your sample. 

Note: When submission forms are opened with Adobe Reader or Acrobat, information may be typed in on the screen, then printed and sent to the lab.

The UMass Soil and Plant Nutrient Testing Lab does not test for herbicides, pesticides, or contaminants other than the heavy metals listed on our Services page.

Attention UMass personnel: Recharge order forms that use a speedtype for electronic payment may be found here.

Soil Forms:

The Routine Soil Analysis is not intended for greenhouse planting mixes or organic soils containing more than 20% organic matter.  The Modified Morgan extraction method and recommendations were developed for New England soils and climate.

Routine Soil Analysis - Order Form for Home Grounds and Gardening

Routine Soil Analysis - Order Form for Turf, Ornamentals, and Landscaping

Routine Soil Analysis - Order Form for Commercial Vegetables and Fruits

Routine Soil Analysis - Order Form for Forage and Grain Crops

Routine Soil Analysis - Use this form when submitting more than six samples and attach to appropriate order form.

Order Form for Prepaid Soil Test Kits

Note: If you are trying to diagnose a problem with your Routine Soil Analysis, it's a good idea to add on the optional testing (Organic Matter, Soluble Salts, and Nitrates).  This information can be used to define the problem, and come up with solutions for improving conditions.

Total Sorbed Metals Test Forms

The Total Sorbed Metals Test is intended for soil and other planting media.  This method may not be appropriate for woody material, such as bark mulches.  It is not intended for food.

Order Form for Total Sorbed Metals Test

Particle Size Analysis Forms

Soil Texture - Order Form for Particle Size Analysis

Pre-sidedress Soil Nitrate Test Forms

Order Form for Pre-sidedress Soil Nitrate Test

**Note: To ensure the timely turnaround of your Pre-Sidedress Soil Nitrate Test, soils should be dropped off at the Soil Lab Office, Room 203 Paige Laboratory.  If you cannot make the trip to the lab, please send your order via UPS or FedEx, and email us at, and let us know when to expect your package.  Please do not send via regular mail.  Thank you!

Soilless Greenhouse Media Forms

Order Form for Greenhouse Media; Saturated Media Extract

Plant Tissue Nutrient Analysis Forms

For insect and disease diagnosis, please visit the UMass Extension Plant Diagnostic Lab.

Order Form for Plant Tissue – Tree Fruits

Order Form for Plant Tissue – Small Fruits

Order Form for Plant Tissue - Vegetable Crops

Order Form for Plant Tissue – Field Crops

Order Form for Plant Tissue - Other Crops

***Sample test results are confidential ***