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Turnaround Time for Routine Soil Analysis

Our staff of three has been working hard to catch up from the spring rush of samples, and we are pleased that as of early August, we are back to normal processing times of 6-10 business days. We apologize for the delays many of our loyal customers have experieced, and appreciate your patience. We also strongly recommend sending in samples in the late summer or fall for many customers, giving you faster results and more time to plan spring amendments for annual crops or to ammend in the early fall for lawn and some landscape applications.

We understand that customers are often in a hurry to receive results, and we are eager to get each sample analyzed as quickly as we can. Orders are processed in the order in which they are received (though we process particle size and routine nutrient analysis separately and are currently able to turn particle size results around more quickly).

Before inquiring about whether we received your sample and when your report will be complete, please read this entire page to make sure there is a good chance we will actually be able to help anwer your question. 

Mail Receipt and Timing

  • It is extremely rare that a sample properly sent to us does not arrive so there is generally no need to confirm our receipt of your sample.
  • The date of receipt in the lab is affected by weekends, holidays, shipping time, and time for UMass Campus Mail to deliver samples to the lab. Campus Mail delivery usually only takes place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday due to pandemic restrictions. FedEx and UP do deliver directly to our lab.
  • UMass takes a fairly standard set of holidays as listed here. These affect when we recieve mail, and also do not count as a "business day" in our turn-around time calculations; nor do weekends, as our staff need days off.

Projected Turn-Around Times for Routine Analysis (based on the date samples are received in the lab)

We are only able to enter samples in our reporting system relatively shortly before we analyze them, so even if your sample arrived some time ago, we may not have sufficient information in our system to confirm receipt and project when your results will be ready. However, you can estimate reasonably well if you know when you sent your sample in. First, make a realistic estimate of when it might have arrived at the lab (see mail and holiday details above). Then, use the frequently-updated information below to estimate when your results are likely to be complete. Please note that these dates are subject to change based on instrument performance, maintenance and repair work, and staffing.

  • Samples received after July 28 will be completed in 6-10 business days.

If you did not receive results by the expected date

  • It is possible that we sent your results but they were filtered out by your email client, which is common with emails that have attachments. Please look for emails from If you have an account with hotmail,, or another Microsoft-owned email service, please look for results coming from
  • If your order included both Routine Analysis and Particle Size (Texture) Analysis, you will receive those reports in separate emails, probably on different days, because they are batched and processed on different schedules.
  • If none of the above apply, please email and include all the information you can about when the sample(s) should have arrived, any alternative or business names they might be found under, etc.

If you received results and have questions about interpretation, recommendations, or problems with the report

  • please email and include your Order Number and Sample ID, and ideally the PDF of your report.


Please DO NOT send soil or plant tissue samples for these analyses: TOTAL SORBED METALS TEST, GREENHOUSE MEDIA ANALYSIS, PLANT TISSUE NUTRIENT ANALYSIS.  Information will be updated here when we have sufficient staffing to resume any of these services.


Last updated: 8/9/21.