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Soil and Plant Nutrient Testing Laboratory

Turnaround Time for Routine Soil Analysis

Current turnaround time for ROUTINE SOIL ANALYSIS is 6-10 business days.

Please DO NOT send soil or plant tissue samples for these analyses: TOTAL SORBED METALS TEST, GREENHOUSE MEDIA ANALYSIS, PLANT TISSUE NUTRIENT ANALYSIS, PRE-SIDEDRESS SOIL NITRATE TEST.  Information will be updated here once we are able to assess our ability to process these samples at current staffing levels.

Processing time may take longer than usual since we are operating with reduced staffing.  Unless your test results are long overdue, please do not call the lab for status updates but check back here periodically for information.  If you wish to contact the lab regarding interpretation of past analyses, guidance on lime and fertilizer recommendations or other related information, please email

Thank you for your patience and understanding.