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Soil and Plant Nutrient Testing Laboratory

Turnaround Time for Routine Soil Analysis

Our limited staff is working hard to catch up on samples, which are being processed in the order in which they are received. All samples received in the lab by January 4, 2021, will be complete by January 27. By early February, we expect to reduce turn-around time to our usual 6-10 business days from the say we receive your sample in the lab. We understand that customers are often in a hurry to receive results. However, before inquiring about whether we received your sample and when your report will be complete, please keep in mind:

  • The date of receipt in the lab is affected by weekends, holidays, shipping time, and time for UMass Campus Mail to deliver samples to the lab. Campus Mail delivery only takes place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday due to pandemic restrictions. 
  • UMass takes a fairly standard set of holidays as listed here. These do not count as a "business day" in our turn-around time calculations; nor do weekends.
  • It is possible that we sent your results but they were filtered out by your email client, which is common with emails that have attachments.

Please DO NOT send soil or plant tissue samples for these analyses: TOTAL SORBED METALS TEST, GREENHOUSE MEDIA ANALYSIS, PLANT TISSUE NUTRIENT ANALYSIS, PRE-SIDEDRESS SOIL NITRATE TEST.  Information will be updated here when we have sufficient staffing to resume any of these services.

If you wish to contact the lab regarding interpretation of past analyses, guidance on lime and fertilizer recommendations or other related information, please email and include your Order Number and Sample ID.


Last updated: 1/22/21.