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News from the Media

Rare Bee Species Discovered Near Great Lakes
August 28, 2019

The discovery of a rare bee species in Northern Wisconsin notes that Joan Milam, adjunct research fellow at UMass environmental conservation, confirmed the discovery. (MLive, NBC 26 [Green Bay], Fox 11 News [Green Bay], 8/22/19)

UMass Amherst Research Suggests Eating Fried Food may Worsen Colon Cancer
August 28, 2019

UMass Amherst food scientists report on the impact of eating fried foods on inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer. (IBDNews 9/4/19;  Boston Globe, MassLive, 8/27/19; News Office release)

Gypsy Moths On The Decline — For Now — But Damage Is Already Done
August 20, 2019

Tawny R. Simisky, UMass Extension, comments in a story about how defoliation in Massachusetts forests caused by gypsy moths spiked in 2017 but has been declining ever since because of the presence of a fungus called entomophaga maimaiga.  (WNPR [CT], 8/19/19)

Melting Ice, Raging Fires: Summer In The Arctic, Courtesy Of Climate Change
August 19, 2019

Julie Brigham-Grette, geosciences, participated in the radio program “On Point” as part of a discussion of climate changes in the Arctic. (WBUR, 8/16/19) 

Evolution of Wild Tomatoes
August 15, 2019

Ana L. Caicedo, UMass biology, and Jacob R. Barnett, a doctoral student in organismic and evolutionary biology, are studying the evolution of wild tomatoes in an effort to create plants that are disease and pest resistant and also have good flavor and appearance. (Vegetable Growers News 8/14/19) 

Following Breeding Green Sea Turtles in Remote Islands of Brazil
August 7, 2019

Lisa Komoroske, environmental conservation, is using drones to study reproductive and migration patterns of green sea turtles on remote Brazilian islands. (Drone Below, 8/2/19; News Office release)

Developing Hybird Wine Grapes in Repsonse to Climate Change
July 29, 2019

Massachusetts winemakers are responding to climate change. Sonia Schloemann and Elsa Petit, both from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, are working with other scientists around the country to develop hybrid grapes better able to withstand changing weather patterns. (Fox 25 News, 7/25/19)

Whately School Works with UMass Clean Energy Corps
July 23, 2019

UMass Clean Energy Corps, a group of students working with Benjamin S. Weil, environmental conservation, produced a series of recommendations for energy savings at the Whately Elementary School, the largest user of energy in the town. (Recorder, 7/22/19)

UMass Cranberry Station Video Profiles Research and Outreach
July 23, 2019

A new video profiles the UMass Cranberry Station, located in Wareham. (Wareham Community Television, 7/16/19)

Get Growing: Suffering sycamores
July 12, 2019

Columnist discusses sycamore anthracnose of sycamore trees in yard. (Daily Hampshire Gazette, 7/12/19)