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Other Regulations

Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs has a list of regulations on their website regarding many aspects of agriculture.  

Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Guidelines for permits needed to sell at a farmers' market.

New England Extension Food Safety Consortium

This webpage is designed to help you start, maintain, or expand a food business and includes food safety regulations.

Massachusetts Department of Agriculture’s Legal Services Division

List of short informational memoranda addressing commonly encountered situations that implicate the laws and regulations of the Commonwealth governing agriculture, including:

  • Agricultural Law Memo 10-01
    Greenhouses used for retail sale and the State Building Code
  • Agricultural Law Memo 10-02
    Normal Farming Practices – Refrigeration Trailers
  • Agricultural Law Memo 10-03
    Farm Labor Housing and Zoning
  • Agricultural Law Memo 10-04
    Small Plot Farming: Amendments to Chapter 40A, Section 3
  • Agricultural Law Memo 10-05
    Agri-tourism, Agriculture, and Zoning
  • Agricultural Law Memo 11-01
    DOR Letter Ruling on Sales Tax Exemption on Equipment for Anaerobic Digesters
  • Agricultural Law Memo 11-02
    Farm Liability and Agricultural Harvesting