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Your Local Municipality

Check with your local municipality to find out which laws apply.  Some common restrictions/requirements might include:  road setbacks, lot size, dimensions, signage size and placement, site plan requirements, screening, etc.

Mass. Department of Agriculture Resources’s Legal Services Division

Short informational memoranda, known as ALMs,  address commonly encountered situations involving state laws and regulations about agriculture. See:

  • Agricultural Law Memo 10-03 Farm Labor Housing and Zoning
  • Agricultural Law Memo 10-04 Small Plot Farming: Amendments to Chapter 40A, Section 3
  • Agricultural Law Memo 10-05 Agri-tourism, Agriculture, and Zoning

Mass. Smart Growth Smart Energy Program - Preserving Agricultural Land and Farming Opportunities

A complete list of programs on this page: Zoning protections, Chapter 61A, Agriculture commissions, Right to Farm, Agricultural Preservation Restrictions (APR), Farm Viability Program, Transfer of Development Rights.