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Business Resources for Those Starting to Farm or for an Existing Farm

There are many agricultural resources for beginning and existing farmers in Massachusetts. Use these links below (or in the left bar) to find specific resources for starting a farm or for an existing farm in Massachusetts.

Starting to Plan

Where to Go for Help

Organizations, agencies available to help people interested in starting a farm in Massachusetts.

Finding Land for Farming

Organizations that provide assistance for finding land for farming in Massachusetts and other resources for finding farmland.

Farm Business Planning

Resources for farm business planning.

Finances and Taxes

Financing Options for Beginning a Farm

Organizations for financing options if you are starting a farm in Massachusetts.


Examples of budgets for vegetables and greenhouse crops, resources for other budgets and creating your own.

Income/Property Taxes

Where to go for information on income taxes and property taxes for farms in Massachusetts.

Collecting Sales Tax

Where to go for information on collecting sales tax in Massachusetts including farm products exempt from sales tax.

Regulations and Laws

Land Use Regulations and Taxation

Resources for land use regulations and land use taxation including Chapter 61A for farmers in Massachusetts.

Water Regulations

Information on the Water Management Act and Zone II regulations.

Pesticide Regulations

Regulations for using pesticides on farms in Massachusetts.

Other Regulations

Other regulations for those looking to farm in Massachusetts. 

Labor Laws

Where to go for information on labor laws in Massachusetts and a publication on labor regulations for farmers.


Where to go for information on zoning regulations for farmers in Massachusetts.

Other Resources

Crop Insurance and Disaster Assistance

Where to go for information on crop insurance and disaster assistance for farms in Massachusetts.

Agricultural Marketing/Promotion Organizations in Massachusetts for Farmers

Resources for agricultural marketing (farmers markets, roadside stands, "blue" highway signs, local market groups) and promotion organizations in Massachusetts for farmers.

Organic Certification and Farming

Information on organic certification and resources for organic farming.

Food Safety

Information on "Good Agricultural Practices", resources for safe food handling and food safety regulations. 

Government Agencies

Information about United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) agencies, Department of Environmental Protection and others.

Other Agricultural Organizations in Massachusetts

Links to many agricultural associations and non-profit organizations the serve farmers in Massachusetts.