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Tree Fruit

Tree Fruit

Tree Fruit Program

In operation for over 30 years, the Apple IPM Project is the longest running UMass IPM activity, and is consequently one of the most well developed. The first years of operation (1978-1986) brought participating apple orchards a 30% reduction in pesticide use, as growers worked with researchers to develop pest management practices based on monitoring of pest abundance and weather conditions instead of prophylactic spraying. A later phase (1987-1996) involved further integrating all relevant disciplines (entomology, plant pathology, horticultural sciences) and promoting biologically-based management strategies to further replace pesticide inputs, AND allowed participating growers to reduce pesticide use by 50% compared to non-IPM users. Current project emphasis is to develop techniques to incorporate all pest management practices with all horticultural practices used in production of apples, and advance non-pesticidal ways of managing 4 key pests that still require significant pesticidal inputs in most orchards.

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