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4-H Clubs

A 4-H Club or Youth Group is a group of young people interested in coming together to learn, socialize and to have fun under the leadership of a caring adult(s).

Young people like 4-H, because they have fun with friends at meetings, social activities, tours, camps and fairs. They learn to do interesting things like raise animals and plants, fix their bikes, take pictures, learn cooking and collect insects. Teenage 4-H members have the opportunity to serve as junior leaders, teaching younger members.

Join a 4-H club

There are hundreds of 4-H clubs meeting in towns and cities across the Commonwealth. For a complete list of clubs and club openings, please contact your local 4-H Educators listed.  

Start a 4-H club

If there is no club available in your local area, your 4-H Educator would love to help you start a new 4-H club. You need an adult (age 21) volunteer(s) who likes to work with youth. 

You do not need to be an expert!  4-H will provide the curricula and assistance needed. 

  1. Contact your local 4-H Educator
  2. Application & Screenning 
    Successfully complete application process including a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) check.  Your 4-H Educator will inform you when this process is complete.   
  3. Orientation
    Your local Educator will provide you with an orientation. He or she will assign an experienced 4-H volunteer to mentor you. 
  4. Decide club details 
    Work with your 4-H Educator and volunteer mentor to decide on: the age group you will work with, projects your group will do, and when and where your club will meet. 
    Plan an information session for new 4-H members and their parents.
  5. Meeting with potential members & volunteers
    Have a meeting with the young people who are interested and adults who are willing to help.
  6. Publicize it through the school or any place where young people and their parents can be reached.

That’s it—you’re on your way!