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Volunteer Forms

Applying to Be a 4-H Volunteer

All volunteers must successfully complete the volunteer screening process prior to beginning their volunteer assignment.  Some of the required forms are available below.  The CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) check form is not available on this site and must be obtained from your local 4-H Educator.  Your 4-H Educator will walk you through the application process and will notify you when the process is complete and you are cleared to begin your volunteer service.

General Volunteer Application

CORI Policy

General Volunteer Code of Conduct

Club/Group Volunteer Service Form

Board Volunteer Application

Board Volunteer Code of Conduct

4-H Advisory Board Member Service Form

4-H Volunteer Application for Funds to Support Workshops/Conferences/Training Sessions

Additional Forms:

Must be on file with local Educator or appropriate State 4-H Staff program coordinator when volunteer is serving as 4-H chaperone:

Chaperone Guidelines

Must be on file with local Educator when volunteer is serving in a short term role such as helping at a 4-H Fair or food booth:

Short-term Volunteer Service Form

4-H Leader must collect these when taking a club fieldtrip:

One Day and Overnight Field Trip Permission Form

Must be filed with 4-H Educator if there is a serious incident or accident:

Incident Report

Claim forms for American Income Life Insurance claim (for medical expenses as a result of an accident at a 4-H activity).  Must be a currently registered 4-H club member, 4-H club leader, Advisory Council or Program Council member; contact your 4-H Educator.

The Annual Club and Financial Report is on the volunteer page under financial management and report forms.