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4-H is a community for all young people with programs that meet a variety of interests, backgrounds, and schedules. Find your passion and explore the possibilities! 


There are lots of ways to become involved in 4-H! You can

  • become a 4-H club member,
  • attend 4-H camp in the summer,
  • explore exciting topics through a short-term 4-H program at a library or community center,
  • and more


Getting involved is easy! Costs are kept at a minimum. 4-H does not require uniforms and there are no national fees. You can select your 4-H project yourself, so you can choose what interests you. Discover the possibilities and unleash your hidden talents!

  1. Think about what interests you or what you would like to learn more about. 
  2. Select a few projects you are interested in
  3. Contact your local 4-H Extension Office to see which of those projects are offered where you live.


4-H Membership
Youth can join for $40 for the 2022-2023 enrollment year. 

  • Younger ages 5-7, are enrolled as 4-H Cloverbuds. This group focuses on exploring a variety of projects but is not allowed to participate in competitions. 
  • Youth ages 8-18 (before January 1) can join 4-H and focus on specific projects as well as competitions.