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The Big E - Eastern States Exposition

The Eastern States Exposition 

The Eastern States Exposition, locally known as The Big E, will take place from September 15 through October 1, 2023.  A small amount of 4-H animal events and activities will be held throughout the fair, including Massachusetts 4-H participation at the New England Center on September 15 & 16 and a number of 4-H livestock events. A limited number of Big E tickets will be available to registered 4-H members and volunteers for 4-H Day on September 16. 

The Eastern States Exposition has been a New England tradition for the past century. Since 1916, the Exposition has been a showcase for the best of New England agriculture and a learning experience for the region’s youth. The Exposition has hosted boy and girl scouts, 4-H and FFA groups, and is the birthplace of Junior Achievement. (The Big E: The Creation of a New England Tradition, June 2017)

4-H Day 

Eastern States Exposition celebrates both 4-H and FFA on the first Saturday during the fair. The Massachusetts State 4-H Office receives a limited number of tickets for the Big E to be used on that day. These are distributed to registered 4-H members and registered 4-H volunteers who apply to receive a ticket. Tickets are limited and not all may be able to receive one. Detailed information is sent to registered members and volunteers.

4-H Youth Participation at Big E

4-H Programs occur at the Big E throughout the fair’s 17 day run. A variety of opportunities are available for 4-H members ages 12-18 to show their project animals and highlight their work to all of New England. 4-H members who participate in programs with Dairy, Beef Cattle, Dairy Goats, Sheep, Dogs and Horses remain on the grounds and in the dorms for 3 to 4 days of fun packed shows and contests. 

All 4-H activity participants are guests of The Big E, obtaining entry tickets and a parking pass. In 2023, the dormitory and cafeteria will  be available to 4-H members. Any 4-H member taking part in 4-H livestock shows is required to stay overnight in the Big E dorms.

There are also opportunities for 4-H groups and individuals to present their projects in the New England Center. 4-H clubs may be chosen to present interactive educational experiences with the visiting public. 4-H members may also be selected to present their visual presentation speech or illustrated talk on the stage at the New England Center. Detailed information for all of these opportunities is sent to 4-H members who qualify through Visual Presentations and other contests.


Forms (2023 coming soon)

 Big E Permission and Health Form

New England 4-H Objectives for Big E Participation

2023 Photography Contest

2023 4-H Day Big E ticket order form
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