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All 4-H members must enroll annually.  An annual participation fee for members is required.
All 4-H volunteers must activate their volunteer status annually (no fee for volunteers).

IMPORTANT  4honline will open for re-enrollment in mid September.  All 2020-2021 members will be notified when the system opens for the new year.


In order to enroll in 4-H the parents of all NEW members must first complete the New Member Packet. Once submitted to your local 4-H office, parents of new members will be instructed where to enroll and pay the participation fee online.  Contact your local 4-H Office for the packet.


Participation Fees: 

  • $40 for new members and enrolling members
  • Re-enrolling members fee is $40 through December 31. On January 1 the fee is $80
  • Pay with credit card at the UMass Extension Bookstore. NEW MEMBERS pay after the paper forms are submitted and you receive instructions.


Policy for Participants Needing Special Accommodation
Fee Waiver Request Guidelines

The following forms are in Spanish for your convenience:

Formulario de Salud Para Los Participantes

Código de Conducta de los Miembros

Formulario de Matricula para Nuevos Miembros

Formulario de Permiso y de Exoneracio

Before filling out the enrollment forms the prospective member must have permission from the leader to join the group they are listing on the enrollment form.  Clubs do have numerical enrollment limits and may be full at any given time.  Enrollment forms must be signed by the club leader before they are sent into the 4-H office. 

Re-enrolling members should re-enroll online at .  This process requires that the participation fee be paid by charge card. New members will enroll in 4honline and pay the participation fee once paper packets are received.

Paper forms are required for brand new members. The leader's signature is required on the Member Enrollment Form.  Parents must sign the Member Enrollment Form, Health Form, Permission and Liability Form and the Member Code of Conduct.  The member’s signature is required on the Code of Conduct.  A check for $50 should accompany all new enrollments.  Checks are payable to UMass 4-H.

There is a nonrefundable participation fee to join 4-H.  The enrollment fee for new members is $40. 
IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  the fee for re-enrolling members is $40 until December 31.  On January 1, 2021 the re-enrollment fee doubles to $80 and full waivers are no longer accepted from re-enrolling members. 

A NEW member is not enrolled until all forms are complete and on file in the local office (office of county membership) along with the participation fee.  For those re-enrolling thorugh 4honline the enrollment is not complete until the family receives an email confirming the registration is complete.

Every enrolled 4-H member and volunteer club leader is covered by an accident policy through American Income Life.  This policy covers medical expenses due to accidents at 4-H activities (up to $2500).  Claim forms are available from your local 4-H Educator.

Any question on 4-H member enrollment should be directed to your local 4-H Educator.