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All 4-H members must enroll annually.  An annual participation fee for members is required. The participation fee is non-refundable.

NEW MEMBERS:  Steps to Enroll in 4-H

  1. Contact your local 4-H office to learn about 4-H programs in your area, the steps to enrolling a new member, and to receive the New Member Enrollment Packet.
  2. Complete all forms in the New Member Enrollment Packet and return them to the 4-H office.  Once the forms are received by your local 4-H office, parents/guardians of new members will be instructed where to enroll and pay the participation fee online or by check.  New members pay $40 per member to enroll with a family cap of $120.  Fee waivers can be requested through the Educator at your 4-H office. (also see below)


Re-enrolling members fee is $40, with a family cap of $120.
Fee waivers can be requested through the Educator at your 4-H office. (also see below)

  1. Re-enrolling: Members should re-enroll through 4honline. Click on the green 4honline button on the homepage or  For those re-enrolling through 4honline, the enrollment is not complete until the family receives a confirmation by email.  More information and instructions on using 4honline can be found in the About 4honline section.
  2. Participation Fee Payment: (Cash is not accepted)
    Credit Card:  Pay the annual enrollment fee by credit card by clicking on Membership Payment in the left menu bar.
    Check:  If paying by check, complete enrollment through 4honline and mail your check to the local 4-H office.
    Make your check payable to:  UMass 4-H and put the member or members name(s) in the memo line.


Fee Waiver Request Instructions 2022-2023


Policy for Participants Needing Special Accommodation
The Massachusetts 4-H Youth Development Program strives to provide a positive learning environment for each youth member that allows them to achieve their personal best.  Every effort will be made to provide reasonable accomodations to members as outlined in the Americans with Disability Act.  In order for a 4-H member to receive accomodations, both the parent/guardian and the local 4-H Educator must participate in the process outline in the PDF.

Every enrolled 4-H member and screened/approved volunteer is covered by an accident policy through American Income Life.  This policy covers medical expenses due to accidents at 4-H activities (up to $2500). 
Claim forms are available from your local 4-H Educator.