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Record Keeping

Welcome to the UMass Extension 4-H Records page! 

Intentional engagement in projects is a central part of the 4-H experience. 4-H members are encouraged to set specific project goals, keep written records of their 4-H club year, and reflect on their experience annually in their 4-H Record Books. Records are turned into the local 4-H office by October 31st of each year. Each 4-H member who submits their record book receives constructive feedback and may receive a ribbon, project pin, or other award for effort and achievement. Some youth will be invited to submit their record books to a state level Records contest.
Please contact your regional office if you have questions about the Mass 4-H Records Program. 

Why are 4-H youth encouraged to complete and submit records?

When you keep records of your 4-H projects all year long, you learn how to: the reasons Why are 4-H youth encouraged to complete and submit records

  • Set and achieve realistic goals
  • Keep detailed logs of the projects you choose
  • Communicate with others about what matters to you
  • Celebrate successes and learn from challenges
  • Reflect on what your projects helped you learn
  • Connect your 4-H interests to the rest of your life
  • Build your interests and skills over time
  • Gather information for an amazing resume

Records Instructions and Blank Records Forms

  1. Please select the records packet most appropriate to your age and 4-H project area below. 
  2. Please download the blank forms and either print them or save them to your own computer with a file name you will remember. Choose which way you would like to keep track of your records:
    • Handwritten: You may print the downloaded forms and keep them together throughout the year. Neatly handwrite your records on this printed paper copy and then assemble the pages in your green record book cover prior to submitting them in October.
    • Fillable pdf: You may enter and save your information on your downloaded copy of the fillable pdf packet throughout the year. Print your completed packet and insert it into your green record book cover when it is time to submit your record book. While you can enter and save your information digitally, there is currently no option for an electronic submission of 4-H Record Books to your 4-H Extension Educator so you will need to print your final saved copy and submit it by October 31st.
  3. Submit your completed green 4-H record book to your 4-H Extension Educator no later than October 31st, after your parent or guardian and club leader have signed it. If you need a record book cover, contact your regional office.