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Grants for clubs

  • 4-H Club Grants from Mass 4-H Foundation

    The Massachusetts 4-H Foundation is providing direct support to enrolled 4-H clubs and Program Councils in Massachusetts in the form of club/council grants. These grants are available for special projects or needs that the group has which support the educational program and 4-H priorities. Grants are not meant to be used for member awards, travel expenses, tee shirts, etc.
    These grants will be awarded quarterly. Applications will be reviewed on March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31. Apply.

  • Matching Grants from Mass 4-H Foundation

    The Massachusetts 4-H Foundation offers a matching grant program to 4-H Clubs that organize a fundraising activity or event to raise money for their club or community. We will match the amount of money a club raises corresponding to the number of club members. To qualify, a club must apply for the grant at least three weeks prior to the event and submit a request for funds within three weeks following the event. Each club is guaranteed only two matching grants for qualifying fundraisers. In the event of remaining funds at the end of the year, additional approved applications will be considered in the order of which they were received. 

    1. Online Matching Grant Step 1 (submit this form three weeks prior to your event)
    2. Online Matching Grant Step 2 (submit this form within three weeks after your event)
  • 4-H Publicity Incentive Program from Mass 4-H Foundation

    4-H Clubs can receive $50 for each published, unique newspaper article that mentions their club name. There is a limit of three awards per club each year. 
    Clubs may also receive one publicity award for special publicized events, including Visual Presentation day, National Youth Science Day, and the Big E. Apply.

  • Legislative Awareness Awards from Mass 4-H Foundation

    The Massachusetts 4-H Foundation offers a grant to any 4-H club that educates and informs their legislator about the 4-H program. It is important that our legislators understand that 4-H is alive and well and that it makes a positive difference in the lives of young people in our Commonwealth.  If members of your club meet with or host a state or federal senator/representative, your club can receive $50 for a photo of your club with the legislator or $100 for a photo published in the newspaper.
    Legislative Awareness Awards