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4-H Advisory Councils

4-H Advisory Councils are comprised of screened 4-H leaders or volunteers as well as  4-H youth and program partners. An advisory group can be in the form of a county, regional or project-based council. The advisory council assists the 4-H extension educator with:

  • Planning of events offered during the 4-H year.
  • Fundraising efforts.
  • Youth recognition programs.
  • Scholarships and camperships
  • Recruitment of new youth audiences or new council members.

Committees meet throughout the year, through face-to-face meetings, virtual meetings, and email communications in order to conduct committee business. 

Membership in all advisory councils should reflect the diverse 4-H delivery methods, geographic locations, program experiences and stakeholder representation in the Massachusetts 4-H Program.

If interested in serving on a 4-H advisory, please contact your local 4-H educator.