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"The Chestnut TAG community is most fortunate for our continued partnership with the 4-H STEAM program, sponsored by the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  This partnership has afforded our students exposure to lab activities, high level science student to student discourse, and a host of additional Next Generation Science Standard aligned resources.

On numerous classroom visits, Chestnut TAG administration have observed students excitedly engage in hands on projects.  In addition to high engagement, the 4-H Steam team diligently works to meet our student’s social-emotional needs.  Staff can be observed informally conferencing with students while they work on tasks.  This student relationship building skill is not always observed with community partners, therefore, we are most grateful.

In closing, it’s important for me to name that some students within our school community come from families that do not have the financial resources to provide science based co-curricular experiences for their child.  This program brilliantly fills this learning gap."  Julia St. Martin, M.S. Ed., Assistant Principal (in-school program)