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Awards & Scholarships

4-H Member Recognition Awards

Key Award

The Massachusetts 4-H Key Award recognizes 4-H members ages 15 – 18 for their outstanding personal development and overall achievement gained through 4-H participation. The 4-H program strives to inspire members to become active youth leaders who communicate effectively and give back to their local communities. Application packet is due November 30.    Key Award Application

National 4-H Conference & National 4-H Congress Delegates

Higher Education Scholarships

These college scholarships are available to former and current 4-H members.

Big E Morris 4-H Scholarship Application

Barnstable County 4-H Advisory Scholarship (Barnstable County Only)

Agrella-Ford Scholarship (Bristol County Only)

Clifford S Thayer Memorial Scholarship/Sheep Project Information and Application (Western MA counties)

George Farley Scholarship Information and Application

Goodfield Scholarship - Available to incoming college freshmen and sophomores. Deadline July 1st.

HCIL Scholarship Application (Hampden County only)

 Kent Lage Leadership Award Grants and Awards (

Scott S. Robinson 4-H Scholarship (Berkshire County only)

Other Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

        HCIL Youth Development Scholarship Application   (Hampden County only - For camp fees, workshops, and other 4-H fee charged events)

Mary Phelon Memorial Scholarship (Hampden County only)

Franklin County Advisory Campership Application 2023  (Franklin County only)

Berkshire County Scholarship or Campership for Active, Registered Volunteers & Members