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Awards & Scholarships

4-H Member Recognition Awards

Key Award

The Massachusetts 4-H Key Award recognizes 4-H members ages 15 – 18 for their outstanding personal development and overall achievement gained through 4-H participation. The 4-H program strives to inspire members to become active youth leaders who communicate effectively and give back to their local communities. Application packet is due November 30.    Key Award Application

National 4-H Conference & National 4-H Congress Delegates

Higher Education Scholarships

These college scholarships are available to former and current 4-H members.

Big E Morris 4-H Scholarship Application

Connie Agrella Scholarship Application 2022 (Bristol County Only)

Clifford S Thayer Memorial Scholarship/Sheep Project Information and Application (Western MA counties)

George Farley Scholarship Information and Application

Hampden County Improvement League Scholarship (Hampden County only)

Hampden County Special Fund Scholarship (Hampden County only) 

Hampden County Special Fund Scholarship - Renewal (Hampden County only - For previous scholarship recipients renewing their application)

Kent Lage Leadership Award

Scott S. Robinson 4-H Scholarship (Berkshire County only)

Other Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

        Hampden County Youth Special Fund Program Scholarship (Hampden County only - For camp fees, workshops, and other 4-H fee charged events)

Mary Phelon Memorial Scholarship (Hampden County only)

Berkshire County Scholarship or Campership for Active, Registered Volunteers & Members

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