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“ 4-H has opened doors to fun, interactive education opportunities we may have never considered for our children. We are so grateful for the inspiration and suggestions, along with the patient help and direction of every Leader, Educator, and Director we have had the pleasure of working with. Thank you 4H! It really is a wonderful way of life!” -Dave and Donna Motta - Parents and 4H Leader Volunteers

“4-H has made me a confident leader in my community. I’m no longer as shy as I used to be, and the experiences, friendships, and opportunities I’ve gotten the chance to have through 4-H are incredible. Thank you 4-H!” -      Faith - President of the UNO Wacky STEAMsters, Secretary of the 4-H Fair Association 

“I have learned how to communicate with different types of people in my Community, and grown in my confidence and communication as a leader with both adults and my peers. I have learned many interesting “weird” facts through creating my own, and other’s Visual Presentations. And most importantly, I have had fun, and made many friends along my 4H journey.” - Hope Motta - Vice President of Berkshire County 4H Fair Committee & Member of FEMA Youth Preparedness Council