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2013 Eastern National 4-H Horse Round Up

The 2013 Massachusetts 4-H Horse Round Up delegation
December 13, 2013

Congratulations to the 2013 delegation!  The Communications team placed third overall and 10th in Public Speech, 5th in Individual Presentation and 6th in Team Presentation.  The Horse Judging team placed 5th in the Confirmation Class category.  Team Members were:

Communications Team:

  • Shayna Gitter
  • Julia Harriman
  • Delaney Tibbets
  • Grace McAfee
  • Coaches Darlene Welch and Janet Bersani

Horse Judging Team:

  • Kim Faria
  • Tori Scholtz
  • Kyle Kennedy
  • Zach Carey
  • Coach Heather Chmura

Hippology Team:

  • Rachel McPherson
  • Katie Franz
  • Jessica Morris
  • Brittany Pothier
  • Coaches Michelle Dionne and Caitlin Beachel

Horse Bowl Team:

  • Catherine Toste
  • Rebecca Francis
  • Stephanie Zajac
  • Cara McGilvray
  • Coaches Louis Pitas and Leah Catania

Thank you to all of the coaches who worked tirelessly over the summer and fall to prepare the youth to complete!

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