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2023 STEAM Festival

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November 18, 2022
The STEAM Festival is a annual virtual fair of sorts for all MA 4-H members.  It is not only about Science, Engineering and Technology, but also incorporates Animals, Arts, Crafts and more!  Keep making and working on projects and get your entries ready to enter in February and hold the date of March 14 (Pi Day) for awards.
Here are two of the NEW additions added to the 2023 STEAM Festival 
  • Pixelation: Create a piece using pixels.  Break down and image into large or small squares.  How many squares do you need to be effective?  What number of colors will you use?
  • Repeating Pattern: How do patterns repeat in games or even wallpaper or fabric designs.  Create one of your own based on your 4-H project(s) or interest.
The Animal Science Model class replaced the Hero Model Class in 2022. Youth can design a model of a barn, paddock or event using the Schleich, Breyer or other small animals in your collection. For example, the model could be a versatility course, obstacle for horses, a dog agility course, a chicken coop, or dream barn. What else can you create?
The Shoebox parade theme is “It’s Great to be ME in 2023”.  Check out this site for some photos and ideas:

Classes Offered

Science: Greenhouse, Garden Design, Science Experiment, Space Project, and Science miscellaneous

Technology: Scratch Coding, Webpage Design, Hackathon, 3-D Printed design, Video, Robot (electric), and tech. miscellaneous

Engineering: Rube Goldberg, Cardboard Arcade, Paper Chair Design, Catapult/Trebuchet, Robot (non-electric), Lego structure, and engineering miscellaneous

Art: Mission Patch, Challenge Coin, Upcycled Art, STEAM Collage, Quilt, functional upcycle project, Shoebox float, and art miscellaneous

Math: Tangrams, Analog Game, Pixelated image, Repeating Designs and math miscellaneous

2023 STEAM Festival Book  Register here: or search

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